Checks for coronavirus negative tests stop every night on Danish/German border

border land
This border lane in Padborg is closed but not the main road between the countries Credit: Hjart CC

A DANISH TV station, TV2 has highlighted the fact that the road border between Denmark and Germany at Padborg is unmanned every night between 11pm and 6.30am.

In theory, anyone travelling across the border should be required to show negative Covid test results at police border checks but it claims that those who haven’t been tested simply wait until the police go home for the night.

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According to the TV2, on one night when they were observing the border, some 200 cars bearing Danish, German and Polish number plates made the journey and they insist that this is a regular occurrence rather than a one-off.

Whilst local politicians are furious at the revelation, claiming that this is an open invitation for coronavirus to spread across the country, the police take a more pragmatic view, saying that they make random checks during the day.

Interviewed on TV2, Jørgen Martin Meyer, the head of Southern Jutland Police said “We have a border that is 70 km with 13 border crossings, so you have to make a decision whether you want to do a full control, or if you want to do what we do, which is a random border control with as many checks as possible.”

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