Tony Blair Is Back And Reportedly ‘Advising’ Matt Hancock

Tony Blair Is Back And Reportedly 'Advising' Matt Hancock
Tony Blair Is Back And Reportedly 'Advising' Matt Hancock. image: twitter

Tony Blair Is Back And Reportedly ‘Advising’ Matt Hancock on the vaccine strategy

It emerged on Sunday, January 10, that Tony Blair, the former prime minister and Labour party leader, who stepped down as an MP 13 years ago, has been ‘advising’ Health Secretary Matt Hancock on the vaccine strategy, saying he believes he can help to improve ‘inadequate leadership’, having become a powerful voice recently in the move to encourage people in the UK to get vaccinated.

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The Sunday Times has reported on Mr Blair’s active role in offering ‘strategic advice’ not only to Matt Hancock, who, when asked about Mr Blair, replied, “I talk to all sorts of people and we take ideas from lots of sources.”, but, he has also been talking with the head of the test and trace programme, Baroness Harding, and he was reported as saying the rollout of the vaccine should be speeded up so that the lockdown could be lifted faster.

A source, allegedly a friend of Tony Blair’s, said, “Tony believes deeply, as do many of the people around him, that he left office at the peak of his powers. He got better at governing as time went on. Ten years later, he is definitely animated by a burning feeling that the British governance is inadequate. He feels that he has the drive and ideas to change that”.


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  1. Disgraceful that Tony Blair is advising government officials. Worst prime minister ever. Another narcisist only interested in wealth and power and himself


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