29 Taiwanese deported to China from Spain

Only 15 small countries recognise Taiwan
Only 15 small countries recognise Taiwan Credit: Olaer / Elmer Anthony flickr

AFTER being deported from Spain due to alleged fraud, 29 Taiwanese nationals ended up in a Beijing court where they were sentenced to up to 14 years imprisonment due to their involvement in a telecoms scam.

Although Taiwan considers itself a separate nation, the majority of countries around the world only recognise one China and therefore when deportation occurs it will invariably be to the Chinese Republic rather than Taiwan.

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Whilst Taiwan authorities complained about this case, the Chinese Government argued that the fraud affected 14 Chinese nationals who between them lost around €760,000) but as China does not recognise Taiwan as an independent state, it still claims any deportee.

In addition, it was considered appropriate justice as the Taiwanese charged had called Chinese citizens directly from Spain and pretended to be Chinese Government officials.

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