Sperm Donor Has 150 Kids In 10 Countries

Sperm Donor Has 150 Kids In 10 Countries
Sperm Donor Has 150 Kids In 10 Countries. image: you tube

SPERM Donor Has Kids In 10 Countries, and is now on a UK ‘tour’

‘Joe Donor’, is an American sperm donor in his late 40s, who has fathered more than 150 children, having performed ‘natural inseminations’ in 10 different countries, and is currently in the UK on a “baby-making tour”, after flying in from Argentina, and has already reportedly impregnated three women.

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In an interview with The Mirror, he said, “It’s an adventure. It’s fun to go somewhere else and to have a very important mission you are doing. I’m not the first one to do it, the Vikings did it. I feel very successful to have more than 150 children”, but says he doesn’t do it for money, though he often gets ‘expenses’ reimbursed by the women he inseminates.

Joe, who advertises his services on Facebook, started donating his sperm in 2009, and says his past work as an animal breeder helps him in his current activities, controversially claiming the vast majority of women wanting babies have been lesbians, “I have had sex with more lesbians than any lesbians have. Over 100 of the children have been with lesbians. I’ve had women who have stopped being gay. It’s happened after they have had sex with me”.


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