La Cala de Mijas Lions just keep on giving

Eight metres of gifts
Eight metres of gifts Credit: La Cala de Mijas Lions

FORMER President of La Cala de Mijas Lions and now charity shop manageress Julie Barry is the Lion’s ultimate action lady and she had a bright idea which came to fruition.

Throughout the year the La Cala de Mijas Lions contribute towards the purchase of food for Caritas, who collect for those in need in the area.

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This year there were 40 families who fitted that bill and then Julie came up with her brainwave; why not give everyone some special Christmas treats too and also a few gifts for the children and the families?

Enter all the Lions, the volunteers, some great supporters such as Yvette and Steven Sansom who donated 120 items – so there was plenty for every bag, whilst the Miraflores Lady Golfers held their own event by way of support.

On the day for delivery, all the shopping bags from Ibex Insurance were in place. These contained many delicacies like chocolates, sweets, biscuits, toys from Monique and Chrisie and Cava – supplied by PCC Wealth Management.

Alongside were all the gifts which were individually wrapped by Sandie Tavendale and the Tuesday girl volunteers which made a magnificent eight metre display they made displayed on the pavement outside the Lions’ shop.

The local TV, together with delegates Arancha Lopez and Katja Thiron from the Town Hall, and Caritas came along, and the police even closed the road for the photographs and whilst all the items were transported to the Caritas offices.

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