Happy Birthday: Celebrating her 100th birthday with masks and social distancing

Happy Birthday: Celebrating her 100th birthday with masks and social distancing
Catalina’s birthday celebration Credit: Santa Margalida Council

IN these times of pandemic, the family of Catalina Calafat Estelrich and the Santa Margalida Council have been celebrating her 100th birthday with masks and social distancing but also a special birthday cake.

Boat people

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THE Felanitx Guardia Civil intercepted five migrants on Monday November 16 and their boat was the third that was known to have reached Baleares in the previous 24 hours, after two boats with 21 migrants were discovered in Mallorca and Cabrera.

Parades cancelled

TWO parades due to take place in mid-February next year, Sa Rua and Sa Rueta have been cancelled by the Palma Council due to the uncertainty of the situation with regards to the coronavirus pandemic.

Parking space

WITH much less air traffic than normal and with airlines around Europe looking for places to park unused aircraft, Palma Airport is in demand and British Airways has come to an arrangement to store 33 of its aircraft there.

Christmas gift

CALVIA Council having spent more than €1 million on supplying food to 1,257 local families since the lockdown has confirmed that it will allocate €35 per child in need from its savings on Christmas lights in order to ensure each receives a present.

Fresh air

THE Laboratory of the Atmosphere of the General Directorate of Energy and Climate Change, in collaboration with the Soller Council has placed a number of instruments in different parts of the town in order to test air quality.

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