Simon Dobbin’s death causes uproar


Condolences to Simon Dobbin’s family are filling the internet taking over Twitter for the beloved football fan! His wife disclosed he passed away in his sleep early on Wednesday morning at his home in Mildenhall, Suffolk.

Simon Dobbin’s death causes uproar. Simon Dobbin was originally recognized as he was attacked in a bar in Southend, Essex, UK after watching a football match away from home. The 48-year-old football fanatic was left brain-damaged after an attack that took place five years ago. Twelve people were arrested in the summer of 2017 with connections to the assault.

He was left unable to walk, talk or control anybody movements. He was stomped on multiple times, beat and due to not being able to control body movements he was fed through a tube.  Even after the horrific and unpredicted attack, he remained his happy, loving self, and his wife and daughter never left his side.

Simon Dobbin’s family have made a campaign in respects of him called “Simon’s Law” which is an attempt to make criminals pay the NHS for unnecessary vicious attacks. The petition set by Mrs Dobbin gained over 49,000 signatures agreeing with her cause.

The football fanatic took the world by storm as he continued to fight for his life after the attack. He was in a wheelchair and his house had to be adapted to his needs. BBC DIY SOS team transformed his house into a disabled-accessible space for him and his family.

May he rest in peace and may we hope the criminals who assaulted Simon Dobbins get the punishments they deserve.

Thank you for reading this article, “Simon Dobbin’s death causes uproar”. This upsetting article is not all sad, as his family are still fighting for his cause even after he has lost his battle. For more news from around the world, visit the Euro Weekly News website.

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