Love is too big for any closet in Denia

Love is too big for any closet in Denia
SYMBOLIC: Denia’s “closet” in Plaza del Consell Photo credit: Denia town hall

PART of a cupboard appeared recently in Plaza del Consell in the centre of Denia.

Representing a symbolic closet, it is covered with messages from the LGTBI community during the “We are diversity” campaign that the town hall’s Equality department organised on Facebook during lockdown.

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Following on from National Coming Out Day on October 11, the Equality department launched its own campaign, El amor es tan grande que no cabe en un armario (Love is so big it doesn’t fit in a closet).

Similar “closets” have been placed in Jesus Pobre and La Xara, giving visibility to Denia town hall’s values of diversity, inclusion and equality.


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