All Saints Day time limits for visits to Velez-Malaga cemeteries

Councillor González explains the rules
Councillor González explains the rules Credit: Velez-Malaga Council

AS part of its annual maintenance plan, the Velez-Malaga Council has continued to carry out different remedial actions during the year in the three municipal cemeteries of Velez-Malaga, Chilches and Caleta de Velez to ensure that they are well presented to mourners.

In addition, new security and prevention measures have been taken due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, as there could be an influx of visitors on All Saints Day November 1.

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To this end the Councillor for Cemeteries, Víctor González, explained the Council’s views and recommendations suggesting that people should visit the cemeteries in a staggered manner, days or even weeks before the holiday to carry out tasks such as; the maintenance of the niches, painting, cleaning, arranging and placing flowers, all with the aim of avoiding crowds.

For its part, the Council has been painting and planting as well as installing new hydrogel points and putting up informative posters and new signposting to ensure social distancing and for All Saints Day, volunteers from civil protection will be present, to monitor capacity and ensure that all goes smoothly.

The Councillor made a point of highlighting the work undertaken by florists to communicate to customers all of the potential problems caused by overcrowding and he congratulated them in their actions, despite the financial difficulties that they themselves may be facing.

On this occasion in addition to wearing masks at all time, he advised that as well as ensuring social distancing that visitors should wear gloves for extra safety.

The opening hours of the municipal cemeteries will be the usual ones of 9am to 7pm but from October 24 to November 2 the cemeteries will be closed every two hours to allow disinfection of the facilities and the maximum time allowed inside will be 30 minutes per person.

In addition, capacity will be limited to 40 people in Velez-Malaga cemetery, 15 people in Caleta de Velez and 8 people in Chilches.


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