Turkey farmers reassess Christmas plans amid Covid restrictions

Turkey farmers reassess Christmas plans amid Covid restrictions
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Turkey farmers reassess Christmas plans amid Covid restrictions. 

AS government measures to combat further coronavirus outbreaks are stepped up restricting numbers at social gatherings, turkey farmers are reasssessing their Christmas plans.

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According to British Poultry Council, sales of joints and crowns have been steadily rising in recent years.

And the trend was expected to continue this year.

But the chief executive, Richard Griffiths, said some producers would be considering whether to slaughter some larger birds earlier and freeze them or turn them into smaller joints, reports Farmers Guardian.

He said that it was difficult to make decisions with so much uncertainty, but added that there may be an opportunity to sell smaller birds and joints as people will still want to celebrate the festive holiday after a tough year.

Dundee turkey farmer, Susannah pate, told the publication she is planning for extra butchery having already received Christmas orders.

She said while they normally try to encourage collections so that people can enjoy the ‘experience’ of visiting the farm, they are offering ‘non-contact drive-through’ collections in light of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Jade Stock, Out and About Poultry, Herefordshire, believes people are planning ahead “having had more time to think about it”, and orders are coming in “think and fast”.

All the same, the company made the decision in March to only order birds smaller than 12 lbs.

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