Sherlock actor Rupert Graves ‘took an overdose’ at 15 due to ‘deep depression

Sherlock actor Rupert Graves 'took an overdose' at 15 due to 'deep depression
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Sherlock actor Rupert Graves ‘took an overdose’ at 15 due to ‘deep depression.

THE actor has revealed his painful period as a teenager, telling Big Issue magazine that he took an overdose to “try to die” and remembers “my senses closing down”.

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The British actor, 57, who played Det Insp Lestrade in BBC’s Sherlock, grew up in Weston, Somerset and told the publication that he felt like a “big-handed, big-footed, misshapen-headed monster” as a teenager.

Recalling his darkest moment, Graves said: “I had a thought of, I think I’m going to die. And I’m not even sure I want to die. Then I vomited so much I knocked myself out.”

He revealed that if he could go back in time, he would “probably just sit down and hold my younger self’s hand and say, ‘listen, it will pass’.”

“And while you’re waiting for it to pass, just try and be kind to yourself and hyper-aware of what’s happening,” added Graves, who once worked as a circus clown.

He first came to prominence in 1985 when he starred in A Room With A View alongside Daniel Day Lewis, and has appeared in almost 60 films ad TV productions as well as theatre performances.

Graves is married to Australian production coordinator Suzanne Lewis, and they have five children.

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