Mumsnet rant at unreasonable primary school goes viral

Mumsnet rant at unreasonable primary school goes viral
The rant has gone viral as the debate on how email impacts our downtime continues, Credit - Mumsnet

A MOTHER who received an email from her child’s school asking parents not to contact teachers on weekends, evenings and public holidays, has labelled their request ‘unreasonable’ in a rant on mumsnet which has since gone viral.

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The outraged mother posted on Mumsnet, explaining her child’s school has asked parents to only email between school hours of 8:30am and 5.30pm because the amount of contact they receive impacts their wellbeing.

She said it’s not always possible to access her phone to send an email while she’s working during the day, and emailing out of office hours doesn’t mean she expects teachers to respond out of office hours.

The majority of Mumsnet users took her side saying the teachers should just stop checking their emails outside of working hours if it stresses them out.

Venting her frustrations in the online rant, the mother said her children’s primary school had ‘respectfully’ asked parents to only email the head and teachers ‘between 8:30-5:30 on school days and not during the evenings/ weekends/ holidays, for staff well-being reasons (they deserve protected downtime etc.)’

‘On the rare occasion that I need to contact a teacher, I tend to email in the evening at home or first thing before I get ready to leave,’ she said.

‘Obviously, I don’t expect them to reply out of working hours, or even to read it there and then, but I had never considered that it would be intrusive. In my job, I get loads of emails at all times of the day and night and they just sit in my inbox until I am working.

‘Surely if it’s impacting on their downtime so much, then they should just not check their emails in the evening and turn off notifications etc.’

Does your work email impact your downtime?



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