Breaking News: Nuclear Sub Fire Sparks Panic in Scotland

Boris Johnson

A Submarine fire is causing panic among residents in Helensburgh Scotland.

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Reports are flooding in of a Nuclear submarine that has caught fire in Scotland causing smoke to spill out in the air.

Sub fire Scotland
A ‘Cold move’ with six tugs closing in? many local people are not so sure…image: Twitter

Twitter users speculated whether it was ablaze. They said: “Nuclear submarine apparently on fire (or at least emitting a lot of smoke) near Helensburgh.”

Another tweet said: “Folks Submarine seen in the sea off Helensburgh…smoke pouring from it .. 6 tugs in attendance.. pics to follow.”

The Royal Navy said the submarine was just doing a “cold move”. Residents in the area, however, are not convinced and are ‘extremely worried’ about what could happen. This is a breaking news story, please check back later for updates.




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