Track & Trace isn’t safe

Track & Trace isn't safe
More needs to be done to protect our personal data Credit - Twitter

WOMEN across the UK are reporting that Track & Trace isn’t safe, as cases of harassment soar. Is enough being done to protect our data?

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Any venue in the leisure and tourism industry or close contact services such as hairdressers are all required to gather certain information. All business owners and event organisers are supposed to ensure there is a system to record personal data.

That way, if someone tests positive for COVID-19, everyone who may have come into contact with them can be informed helping prevent a localised outbreak.

Venues are supposed to share the information with Test and Trace teams and, according to guidelines, data is supposed to be stored safely, then destroyed after 21 days.

While nobody is questioning the importance of being able to contain cases, is there potential for Test and Trace to become a stalker’s dream? As women claim Track & Trace isn’t safe.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has made it clear ‘You cannot use the personal information that you collect for contact tracing for other purposes’.

However, social media is buzzing with women who have reported cases of harassment and unsolicited sexting after sharing their number for Track & Trace purposes.

These breaches of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are really very concerning.



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