Spanish authorities seize 4,000 illegally imported fossils

Spanish authorities seize fossils
Even fossils are protected under CITES Credit: Spanish Tax Agency

A CONTAINER housing 4,000 disguised fossils including five dinosaur eggs valued at €150,000 shipped from Argentina has been impounded by National Police and officials of the Spanish Tax Agency as they were unloaded in the Port of Valencia.

The Spanish Authorities had been alerted to the possible illegal shipment of these fossils by Argentinian Customs and the discovery resulted in the arrest of two individuals in the South American country and once the items have been properly reviewed and logged by experts from CITES it is expected that they will be returned to Argentina.

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Many of the items found are of exceptional historical value and one in particular, the tooth of a horse suggests that America was the origin of the species which then spread across the world via the Bering Straits.


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