Bars and Cafes in Brussels Shut from Today

Bars Cafes Brussels Shut
Brussels Region closes bars and cafés. image: Twitter

BRUSSELS is to close all bars and cafes from 7 am today for a month following a 50 per cent rise in new coronavirus cases.

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The move comes after the Belgian government announced an 11 pm curfew for bars nationwide including a four-person limit on social gatherings. Restaurants that serve food at tables will be allowed to stay open, however, bars are cafes will be forced to close their doors until November 8, after which there will be a review.

The measures will apply even to cafes only serving tea and coffee, Rudi Vervoort, the head of the Brussels regional government, said at a press conference. “Serving alcohol is not the criteria here,” he said.  A ban on drinking alcohol in public spaces will also be enforced. Night shops, betting shops and gambling halls must close at 10 PM for a month.

In addition, the public will no longer be able to attend sports events for amateurs in enclosed venues. Brussels PM Vervoort says that for professional sports events different rules will apply in the capital. Thursday evening’s match between Belgium’s Red Devils and Ivory Coast will be able to go ahead in the King Boudewijn Stadium with 11,000 supporters in attendance.

The new measure is being introduced on Thursday at 7 AM and will apply for a month, at least. Brussels only recently changed its policy on wearing masks in public places and it was no longer compulsory to do so the majority of the time.

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