Boy walks from Sicily to London to see his nan!

Boy walks from Scilly to London to see his nan!

Boy walks from Sicily to London to see his nan! A father and son duo with the biggest hearts!

A father and son walked from Sicily to London so the son could give his nan a hug. The duo walked over 1,700 miles through Italy, Switzerland and France to get to Hackney. Phil, 46 and son, Romeo Cox, 11 warmed everyones hearts with this story. The journey took over ninety days, upon his arrival he has had to quarantine for two-weeks and then can be reunited with his nan.

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The boy explained his journey, and how they managed to get lost several times; fought off stray dogs in Rome, came face to face with a donkey and mistakenly slept under a wasp nest. They both discussed how they had sore and bloodied feet but carried on thinking about why they were doing this walk.

The boy raised over £11,000 for a charity called, ‘Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust. The boy confessed he didn’t feel like giving up as all he could think about was giving his gran a cuddle. She went through lockdown herself, and they hadn’t seen her in a year, he was over the moon to start the journey to her!

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