Spanish entertainment company brings hippy icon into the 21st century

VW Disco
Tackling today’s problems with yesterday’s wheels Credit: Facebook

THE tranquillity surrounding the Stupa (Buddhist Temple) in Benalmadena was disturbed last week as a brand-new musical concept was tested outside of that venerable building with what must be a uniquely Spanish take on beating the pandemic.

A company trading as Vans Music Events has arranged to customise a number of Volkswagen T1 vans, famous as the Hippy Bus of the 1960s and turned them into mobile discos with a difference.

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Each one is completely restored and has an opening roof which reveals a DJ booth, light show, speakers, indeed everything you need to allow for a full musical extravaganza to take place.

They have no need to transport all of the equipment separately, they can literally drive up, plug in and get started in a matter of minutes.

This has been carefully thought out to allow entertainment to continue but it reduces risks of infection and although there is nothing like live music, it is certainly designed to fill a hole in today’s new normal.


  1. Better warn them to be careful where they park them. Now the whole world knows what’s in them, their equipment may well go the same way as the guitars from the Marbella music shop!


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