Myths and facts about Bipolar Disorder

Myths and facts about Bipolar Disorder
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Please stop believing these harmful bipolar disorder myths. Here are some myths and facts about Bipolar Disorder.

Although society is learning more and more about bipolar disorder every day, there still remains many misconceptions. Here are a few myths and facts, so you can arm yourself with knowledge and help end the stigma.

Myth: Bipolar disorder is just mood swings, which everybody has.


Fact: The highs and lows of bipolar disorder are very different from common mood swings. People with bipolar disorder experience extreme changes in energy, activity, and sleep that are not typical for them. Just because you wake up happy, get grumpy in the middle of the day, and then end up happy again, it doesn’t mean you have bipolar disorder— no matter how often it happens to you!

Myth: Bipolar disorder can be cured through diet and exercise.

Fact: Bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness and there currently is no cure. However, it can be well-managed with medication and therapy, by avoiding stress, and maintaining regular patterns of sleeping, eating, and exercise.

Myth: Mania is productive. You’re in a good mood and fun to be around.

Fact: In some instances, a manic person may feel good at first, but without treatment things can become chaotic and even terrifying. They may go on a big shopping spree, spending beyond their means. Some people become overly anxious or highly irritable, getting upset over small things and snapping at loved ones. A manic person may lose control of their thoughts and actions and even lose touch with reality.

Myth: People with bipolar disorder are always either manic or depressed.

Fact: People with bipolar disorder can experience long periods of even, a balanced mood. They may sometimes experience what’s referred to as a “mixed episode,” which has features of both mania and depression at the same time.

Myth: All medications for bipolar disorder are the same.

Fact: It might take some trial and error to find the medication that works for you. There are several mood stabilizers, anti depressants medications that when combined can help treat bipolar disorder. Something that works for one person might not work for another. If someone tries one and it doesn’t work or has side effects, doesn’t mean it wont work for someone else. Sometimes finding the right medication can take a while.

Myth: People with bipolar disorder cannot work.

Fact: Bipolar disorder might make work challenging, but not impossible. Because bipolar disorder is associated with mood swings and dramatic changes in behaviour, it can be difficult for people with the illness to maintain being productive in their job. Despite the challenges, it is not impossible to work with bipolar disorder.

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