Breaking News – Women lose state pension age fight


BREAKING NEWS – Women lose state pension age fight.

Campaigners today Tuesday, September 15, lost a landmark legal fight against the rises in millions of women’s state pension age.

Separately, Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) are calling for “fair transitional arrangements” to help women financially, but not a full return to age 60.

In a major blow, the Court of Appeal dismissed claims the rise was unlawful discrimination or a breach of human rights.

It comes almost a year after the Back to 60 campaign lost a High Court fight over the same issue last October. The campaigners had launched a case in the Court of Appeal to overturn that judgement – but failed in their bid today.

Ministers claim the change is to make women’s retirement age equal to men’s – and have explained it would cost £181 billion to reverse the ruling.

Boris Johnson has also been called out for failing to fulfil a promise to help them when he stood for leadership.

In July 2019, Mr Johnson promised to “return to this issue with fresh vigour and new eyes and see what I can do to sort it out.”

Yet he later said it was a “difficult issue” and government has already “done our best to try to satisfy that group.”

It raised questions about how the government should have informed them about the changes – which date back to the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts.

But the Court of Appeal ruled the women did not suffer unlawful discrimination or have their human rights breached.

The senior justices said they felt “sympathy” for the women affected but “this is not a case where the court can interfere with the decisions taken through the Parliamentary process.”

The High Court previously ruled the rise from 60 to 66 “corrects historic direct discrimination against men.”

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