Frank Lampard brands Jurgen Klopp’s criticism of Chelsea’s summer spending ‘amusing’

Lampard was amused over Klopps comments on his 'summer spending spree'. image: Twitter

Frank Lampard has responded to Jurgen Klopp’s dig at Chelsea’s transfer spending spree by saying he thinks it is ‘amusing’.

Klopp had said Liverpool are ‘a different kind of club’ and could not ‘behave like Chelsea’ – this ‘amused’ Lampard ahead of Monday’s season opener against Brighton. Chelsea spent more than £200m on new recruits in the summer of Stamford Bridge rebuilding, Klopp commented, saying Liverpool were different from “clubs owned by countries and oligarchs”.


The Chelsea manager said, quote: “I found it slightly amusing because when you talk about the owners of clubs, I don’t think it matters what line of business they come from. “We are talking about some very rich owners in the Premier League. With Liverpool’s story, I referenced it a lot last year. They’ve managed to get recruitment right to a really high level. The reality is – other than maybe Leicester – most clubs that win the league in the modern day have recruited at quite a high level money-wise.

“You can go through the Liverpool players – [Virgil] van Dijk, Alisson, Fabinho, [Naby] Keïta, [Sadio] Mané, [Mohamed] Salah. Incredible players that came at a very high price. Liverpool have done it over a period of time. What we have done is come off the back of a ban and try to address the situation ourselves. It’s par for the course. There’s no point doing the maths.

“We know that Liverpool have spent at a high level. We know they have an incredible coach. We know they have incredible players. The really smart thing Liverpool have done is believe in their coach and system for a number of years. It’s a great story but it’s a story where they’ve spent money. This summer we’ve spent money and now the hard work has to come.”

Lampard has admitted he expects other clubs, Chelsea’s other rivals, to follow Klopp’s lead in criticising the west Londoners’ free-spending summer but concluded by saying that is all part of the Premier League battleground.

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