Elderly woman rescued from sixth floor flat by fire brigade

Making the descent
Making the descent Credit: Fuengirola Council

THE Fuengirola fire service was alerted to the fact that a 78-year-old woman who lived alone on the sixth floor of a block of flats was calling for assistance from her neighbours and the fire brigade immediately attended.

When they arrived, they discovered that she was unable to open the front door as she had fallen and they made their way into her flat where they found her on the floor, hurt but still conscious.

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A doctor examined her and discovered that she had suffered a serious hip injury and decided that she must be taken to a health centre for treatment but as it was not possible to take her down through building, officers decided to make an evacuation from the balcony using their ‘cherry picker’ vehicle.

She was placed on a stretcher which in turn was placed into a basket and she was lowered to the ground safely and handed over to medical staff to take her for treatment.

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