Two tricky thieves filmed stealing a bag in Playa Flamenca

bag thieves
WATCH OUT: Bag thieves operating in Playa Flamenca. CREDIT: Facebook

Two thieves operating in Playa Flamenca are caught on camera stealing a bag with cold and calculated precision.

SHOPPERS and diners beware, there are bag thieves on the loose in Playa Flamenca.


Tricky thieves were caught on camera stealing a bag from a lady at a restaurant, whilst her friend was still at the table!

In the unbelievably footage, the crime shows two criminals stealing a bag without breaking a sweat.

When one of the women gets up to go to the toilet, the friend has no idea that the bag she is supposed to be watching is being stolen from right under her nose.

Ok folks keep an eye out for these bagsnatchers working in the Playa Flamenca bars

Zveřejnil(a) Steve McGuinness dne Čtvrtek 10. září 2020

The confident criminals sit on a table nearby and wait for the perfect opportunity to steal the unattended bag.

The man hands the female thief an extendable grabber and she uses it to pull the bag closer whilst her accomplish pretends to be on the phone.

When the bag is in place, he gives the signal for the crafty criminals to get away and as they stand up to leave, the woman quickly hooks the bag up and over her shoulder as they  calmly walk away.

This incident shared on Facebook is an example that even leaving your bag with a friend isn’t as safe as you think.

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