The Naked Truth!

The Naked Truth!
The naked truth in Villa Joyosa VILLA JOYOSA’S beaches were visited by 1,195,952 people between June when the beaches opened and the end of August. Most-visited were the town’s urban beaches within easy reach of the centre, but the Raco del Conill, traditionally a nudist beach, also attracted beach goers who preferred to remain clothed.
Assuming there would be less social distancing surveillance Raco del Conill had its fair share of “textiles”, prompting Villa Joyosa town hall to put up notices reminding the public that the beach is principally and traditionally a nudist beach.These are headed ´Al Raco, Millor en Conill, Naturalmente! ´which loosely translated means On the Raco, better naked, Naturally!
Beachgoers are asked not to take panoramic videos or photos of the beach, or to photograph or video others without their express consent. They are also requested to respect the privacy and images of the people with whom they share the beach.
The need to put up notices underlines the town hall’s wishes to ensure that Raco del Conill maintains its reputation as a privileged nudist beach. Earlier this year the Federacion Española de Naturismo singled out the cove, which has been a nudist beach since the 70s, as “exemplary”.
Photo credit: Samu Alicante
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