Rare white lion cub discovered in Germany after road accident

Lea with zoo director Credit: You Tube

POLICE in Germany were amazed when they attended the scene of an accident near Heidelberg to discover a seven-week-old female white lion cub in a trailer as well as a toucan which flew off and has yet to be recovered.

The van’s driver and two passengers who were all Slovakian were taken to hospital with injuries and will be interviewed at a later date to see how they came into possession of one of the rarest types of lion.

Reports suggest that the Police found documents inside the crashed vehicle indicating that the lion was being transported from Slovakia to Barcelona in Spain but it is not known yet, whether this was a legitimate export or if she was being smuggled.


In the meantime, the little cub was taken to a nearby zoo in Landau which specialises more in reptiles but is on a list of emergency refuges for injured animals.

Lea arrives
Lea arrives at the zoo
Credit: Facebook

When she arrived, the cub, nicknamed Lea was examined by a staff vet who confirmed that she was in reasonable condition and she was fed and can now look forward to some recuperation time at the zoo whilst under quarantine in the company of director Uwe Wünstel.


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