Home News Authorities warn of health risks of Covid ‘treatment’ Solución Mineral Milagrosa

Authorities warn of health risks of Covid ‘treatment’ Solución Mineral Milagrosa

Solución Mineral Milagrosa
Examples of 'Solución Mineral Milagrosa' Credit: Twitter

The National Institute of Toxicology has warned of the health risk of the product ‘Solución Mineral Milagrosa,’ which is marketed as a remedy for diseases such as cancer or hepatitis and which is being promoted by Covid-19 denial groups.

AS reported by the Ministry of Justice in a statement, the Toxicological Information Service (SIT) of the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences (INTCF) has detected that the alleged remedy, Solución Mineral Milagrosa, is composed of 28 per cent sodium chlorite, harmful to human health.

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Between April and June of this year, the Toxicological Information Service received 26 telephone inquiries regarding the consumption of Solución Mineral Milagrosa, when in all of 2019 only eight were registered, which reflects a notable increase related to the pandemic.
Actually, the Miraculous Mineral Solution (MMS) is a toxic compound by inhalation, ingestion or contact to the skin and mucous membranes for being highly irritating and “in no way is it indicated for human consumption, nor for the treatment of any disease that does not exist no scientific study demonstrating healing properties.”


The company that markets Solución Mineral Milagrosa through the Internet, MMS®, indicates that it is for human consumption with antiviral properties against cancer or hepatitis. But in reality, the SIT warns, it is “a highly toxic aqueous solution that is not made to be ingested by people.”

The Toxicological Information Service has recalled that both the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) in Spain and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, have warned about the danger of Solución Mineral Milagrosa, whose intake can affect different organs and cause insufficiency liver disease and nephrotoxicity, hemolysis and kidney failure.

The substance is only eliminated through the kidneys and it does so slowly so that it can have a cumulative effect, added the SIT, which cites nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea among the possible toxic effects; hypotension; cyanosis; metabolic disturbances such as hyperchloremia; pulmonary alterations such as pulmonary oedema; as well as headache and cerebral oedema.


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