After four years Local Police office returns to original site

Local Police
The Mayor paid a visit to the new Local Police office Credit: Marbella Council

IT was four years ago that the then Marbella ruling council closed the Local Police office in the heart of San Pedro Alcantara and left residents and visitors having to search out the somewhat bleak building behind the fire station in the industrial estate on the outskirts of the town.

Now, Marbella Mayor Ángeles Muñoz, visited San Pedro to see the new office which is very close to its old position in the Calle Marqués del Duero next door to the tourist office.

There are 100 Local Police officers serving this suburb of Marbella and to relocate some of the officers to this prominent central position should make it much easier to report any problems or to ask for advice.


The other building which has a lot more room, will still be kept in use, but local residents and business owners have welcomed this return to the heart of the town which should also make it much easier for officers to be seen as part of the local community.

Sub-inspector Miguel Ángel Benítez, who will be in charge of the office, said that “it was necessary to have more direct attention to citizens to avoid travel to the premises in the Poligono and it makes sense to re-open this office in the centre of San Pedro.”


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