Who CAN you trust with your life? – Euro Weekly News’ political opinion from Spain

Scientists Developing Drugs To Double Human Life Span
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HAS the fast tide of Covid legislation and decrees imposed by politicians taken into account the vast costs on vulnerable sectors of the population?

We continually hear the phrase ‘social distancing’ as the temporary solution until a vaccine is available. The problem is that this solution is a utopia. Our economic system is based on the exchange of goods and services, fundamentally physical rather than virtual.

As seen in our communities, the rules imposed from our ‘trusted institutions’ are not profitable for most businesses which are closing down and in turn causing a domino effect on the economy and that is also reaching out into health issues which are not Covid related.


Nowadays no one is self-sufficient and we are not just talking economically, but also on an emotional level.

When speaking of distancing it seems that the health authorities are not taking into account human emotions; they refer to us as if we were machines that can be programmed without any effect on our health.

However, health has a far more extensive overall reach than what we can physically view. A few days ago, the NGO Doctors Sans Frontières published a devastating report on what happened in care homes in Spain during the worst months of the pandemic. It explains, among many other things, the death of the elderly due to sorrow and abandonment produced by isolation which was decreed by our governments.

So, it seems that our health authorities imposed strict rules to protect our loved ones from coronavirus, but not from death. Furthermore, we were also told how to bury our loved ones, as cremation was compulsory during these months in Spain and in most cases, post-mortems were not allowed.

As also seen this summer, towns, such as, Aranda del Duero in the north of Spain were sent back into lockdown with no hospital cases and based only on the PCR tests, that are now being questioned by Professor Carl Heneghan from the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-based Medicine. This has left many people without work causing even more stress on the government’s treasury and peoples’ well-being and way of life.

The perspective most people fail to see is that isolation is only sustainable for certain sectors, who can financially sustain themselves.

It seems as if politicians are happy to ensure that people do not get Covid even if the decisions fail to secure a future free from emotional problems or hunger due to the collapse of the economy.

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