Couple Handcuffed for Refusing To Wear Masks in New York


A Couple was removed in handcuffs from a ferry in Brooklyn after they refused to wear a mask as ordered by the captain. Everyone else on board was face covered due to Covid-19.

As soon as they got on the ferry they were told that the use of a mask was obligatory but they didn’t listen as they claimed that they were exempt from the state’s face covering order due to a medical condition. They were still asked to get off the boat, but after their refusal, they kept a standoff for 45 minutes until the police arrived. When the police arrived, the couple was asked to show evidence of their medical problem and once again denied to do so. Afterwards, the man tried to establish that they were being discriminated against while his wife suggested that they “were being targeted because they are white.” The woman said: “If we were f***ing black, I can guarantee you that guy would never come out and tell us to put a mask on.”


After a back and forth between them and the officers, they had to be cuffed and removed from the boat.

The two were very angry and the woman assured she has already filed a lawsuit for similar reasons and might file another suit against the ferry company.


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