Menorca ‘club drugs’ labs could have caused explosion

RISK: The Guardia said most of the products they found were “very dangerous.” CREDIT: Guardia Civil

TWO laboratories illegally producing synthetic drugs in Spanish holiday island Menorca could have caused an explosion, according to Guardia Civil.

One of the labs was located in an isolated house in Alaior. The Guardia dismantled the set-up, while further investigations led to the identification of the individual responsible for making and distributing the drugs.

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It turned out he had a second lab located in Ciutadella.

The labs were kitted out with all manner of the kinds of tools and products found in a chemical factory, the Guardia reported.

Among the items they seized during “Operation Erlenmeyer” were test tubes, flasks and funnels. They also found products like acetone, chloric acid, ether and chloroform.

The Guardia classified the majority of the products as “very dangerous” pointing out “the incorrect use and without sufficient safety measures could produce an explosion.”

What’s more, they said, “the trafficker had very precarious production conditions, which could have caused damage to persons of adjacent properties.

Investigators believe the suspect sold the drugs coming out of the labs via social media, sending orders through delivery companies.

So far the Guardia has identified mailings of over 500 batches of drugs to locations all over Spain, but said this figure could increase as the investigation is ongoing.


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