Second arrest after cop shooting in Cadiz

SECOND ARREST: Three cops were hospitalised after the shooting. CREDIT: Guardia Civil

Spanish police have arrested a second suspect in the shooting of three plain clothed cops during an anti-drugs operation in Cadiz on Wednesday (September 2).

THE Guardia Civil officers were shot and injured while investigating a marihuana plantation in Coto de Bornos.

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When the anti-drug trafficking team arrived at the illegal plantation in the rural area of the Cadiz Sierra, they were immediately shot at with hunting guns.

Three were wounded and admitted to a nearby hospital.

Their injuries were said to be “considerable,” but they were reportedly out of danger yesterday afternoon (Thursday, September 3), according to sources.

One remained in a “serious,” though not life-threatening condition due to a gunshot wound to the ankle.

After shots were fired, reinforcements arrived and one of the suspects was arrested.

Officers identified a second suspect, who was arrested this morning.

The detainees face charges of attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons, attack on law enforcement officials and cultivation and manufacture of marihuana.

The investigation is ongoing.


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