Extra greenery to spruce up parks and gardens

Antonio Jesús Rodriguez Segura Diputado Promoción Agroalimentaria y Régimen Interior Visita el Vivero Provincial con Motivo del Plan Savia

THE Almeria provincial council is giving out some 60,000 plants and trees to local councils for sprucing up municipal parks and gardens and other public spaces.

The Diputacion’s Agri-food and Interior Regimen deputy Antonio J. Rodriguez revealed the administration in investing more than €820,000 in its 2020-21 “Plan Savia” aimed at making the province’s towns and villages more attractive.

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The deputy said the initiative will also create more than 4,000 working days.

“By improving our towns and villages we are contributing to revitalising tourist activity and job creation and wealth in the 103 municipalities”, Rodriguez maintained.

Over the last six years the Diputacion has distrtibuted somewhere in the regions of 245,000 plants and trees to local authorities with a combined value of €3.4 million.

Under the 2018-19 plan 55 municipalities took delivery of extra greenery, specific projects including improvements to Era del Lugar in Antas and the Nogalte watercourse bridge in Pulpi.

Among the most requested trees were palms and carobs.


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