A Mini Mascot for ARCH

Bonnie Bimba
BB at her new home with volunteers Credit: ARCH

THERE is a new family member at the Andalucian Rescue Centre for Horses and Donkeys in Alhaurin El Grande, a tiny pony mare named Bonnie Bimba.

ARCH was alerted by a caring couple to the plight of a small pony and a young donkey to whom they had been giving water in the hot weather. The pair appeared to have been abandoned and were wandering near busy roads.

Local Police discovered that the owner was incapable of looking after them and so they were brought to the Centre.  Apparently nameless, their good Samaritans called them Bonnie and Clyde.


The little pony, who is five and has a leg problem which means she cannot be ridden, won the hearts of all the volunteers and the team voted unanimously to keep her as the ARCH mascot. They later discovered her registered name was Bimba, so now she is known as Bonnie Bimba or BB for short!

She will be welcoming visitors on Sunday open mornings and attending local events to publicise the work of the Centre. (Her toy boy, who is only two, will be joining ARCH’s little donkey herd and will then be put up for adoption.)

For more information go to www.horserescuespain.org or Facebook page Centro Andalusi de Rescate de Caballos.


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