Spain’s nationwide flu campaign brought forward ‘to protect the vulnerable’

FLU JAB: Health have brought the vaccination campaign forward. CREDIT: Flickr

Spain’s Ministry of Health has agreed to bring the nationwide flu campaign forward ‘to advance vaccination as much as possible’ and ‘protect the vulnerable.’

UNDER normal circumstances, the campaign begins at the end of October or beginning of November.

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But health bosses have agreed with the autonomous communities in the Interterritorial Council of the National Heath System (CISNS) to start vaccination in the first two weeks of October.

And vaccination will take place at the same time across the regions due to a risk of “possible co-existence with Covid-19.”

Health Minister, Salvador Illa Roca, agreed to advance the campaign this afternoon “to protect the vulnerable” and said “the objective is 75 per cent coverage for health workers and people over 65; and 60 per cent for pregnant women and people at risk.”

As agreed by the CISNS Public Health Commission in May, the first to be vaccinated will be elderly people, with an emphasis on those living in residential homes.

Next will be those under 65 who are at high risk of complications from the flu.

They will be followed by people who can pass on the flu to those at risk, as well as health and social workers and family members.

Those who work in essential public services and others will be next on the list.

The health department is expected to launch an awareness campaign to encourage vaccination and organise resources to carry them out.


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