Locals in Wales evacuated due to freight train fire

Train Fire

A NUMBER of local residents in Wales are being evacuated from their homes as a safety measure after a diesel freight train fire.

Local police in Llangennech, near Llanelli, said that emergency services are on site and dealing with the fire which broke out late on Wednesday evening.

All nearby roads have been cordoned off to prevent any danger to the lives of the general public and homes in the immediate vicinity have also been evacuated.


One local resident took to Twitter saying that the smell of burning diesel was clear from “well over a mile away.”

The fire, which has been declared a “major incident” was first reported to the authorities on Wednesday night at 23.20 BST with three carriages thought to have been on fire.

Police said “There are a significant number of emergency services personnel at the scene, and an evacuation zone has been put in place.

“Officers are in contact with people within that area asking them to leave their homes, and we urge people to comply with officers’ requests to ensure a swift and efficient evacuation.”

Police have urged the general public to stay clear of the area until the situation is fully under control.

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