Protesters chant ‘Paedophile’ at palace gates – Watch video


VIDEO footage of a protest which resulted in members chanting “paedophile” at Buckingham Palace gates has emerged on social media platforms.

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The protest started at 1.30pm on Saturday, August 22 and involved the protesters marching to Parliament Square as well as Buckingham Palace.

Protesters were encouraged to wear white t-shirts to the march.

‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London’ took to Facebook to explain more regarding the protest.

The Facebook post said: “The purpose of the walk for change is to bring awareness to the current reality of child exploitation within our own communities and around the world.

“Let’s show our devotion and determination toward protecting these children, our communities most vulnerable, by requesting change and reformation within our government and law enforcement agencies to ensure that justice is brought in such a manner that it will significantly reduce instances of child exploitation while promoting awareness in order to end this ongoing issue.”

One protester wrote on Twitter: “I was there. It was a peaceful walk followed by a group meditation starting at the London Eye on to the Palace then to Downing Street. Organised by ‘Freedom For The Children’ FB group for #EndChildTrafficking We had full police support.”


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