Tinted ticket scam

Tinted tickets
The wash-wash scam investigation is still ongoing

TWO brothers, of Nigerian origin, have been arrested in Almeria for their part in a scam dyeing banknotes. The scam is commonly known as the ‘wash-wash’ or ‘tinted ticket’ scam.

The scammers met first with victims in Velez-Malaga in a proposed sale of roadside assistance cranes.


The scam involves the dyeing of banknotes to aid in the transport and laundering of large sums of cash. Initially, genuine notes are dyed, allowing the victim to witness the process from start to finish.

Once satisfied, the same process is completed swapping genuine cash for counterfeit.

When the notes arrive at the desired destination and are washed clean as previously shown, the victims are left with a pile of paper with no face value.

The brothers have successfully carried out up to €55,000 worth of ‘tinted ticket’ scams in the region, and are being detained whilst the investigation continues.

Police are not ruling out the possibility of further arrests in the future as part of the ongoing investigation.

The wash-wash scam investigation is still ongoing.

Credit – National Police


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