Guardia Civil officers use initiative to save two children from the side of the road in Almoradí

Guardia Civil officers rescue children
QUICK THINKING: Officers rescue two young children from busy roadside. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almoradí

Guardia Civil officers stopped a major scare ending in disaster when they rescued two young children on a country road.

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THE incident involved two Arabic children, who spoke no word of Spanish or English, running along the CV-912, the road that connects Almoradí with Rafal.

The officers asked the children if they needed help, but between not understanding the language and the children crying, officers had to think of a different strategy to uncover the exact nature of why the children were in such a bizarre and dangerous position.

The Guardia Civil officers used their initiative and stopped passing vehicles until they found someone who could act as an interpreter for the visibly shaken and distressed, 11 and four-year-old children.

Thankfully, they were able to solve their communication problems when one driver was able to help.

They reported to the officers that the children had gotten lost after playing in a park near the house of their relatives, and because they had only arrived on holiday a few days before, they subsequently became unaware of where the house was.

With the information the children provided the interpreter, the officers loaded the children into their official police vehicle and drove them around to possible places that they would hopefully recognise.

A short time later, in the district of El Saladar, in Almoradí, they found a large group of people searching for the children, which included the relatives.

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