Groom Tests Positive After 200 Guests Attend His Wedding in Spain’s Murcia

COVID wedding: 200 guests attended Credit: freepik

The Ministry of Health is monitoring around 200 guests who attended a Covid-infected groom’s wedding and most have already been contacted to undergo a PCR test.

THE restaurant where the wedding was held will be also be closed for 15 days as an added precaution. It was this restaurant, the Magna Garden, who communicated that the groom whose wedding they had recently hosted on August 15 had tested positive for Covid-19.

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The restaurant indicates that they were informed of this unlucky circumstance on Monday morning and that they have immediately informed the health authorities. Around 200 guests enjoyed the celebration, and now the council is following up on them, as they must deal with the consequences. Some of the participants have confirmed to local news sources that they have already been called upon to undergo the relevant tests, and the Epidemiology service has contacted all of them to follow up on their health status.

The boyfriend, in turn, is one of the eight workers who have tested positive in a residence for minors in Alguazas. In total there have been 25 positive cases in the centre for minors. The restaurant notes that as a precaution “all facilities will be closed for the next 15 days.”


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