Spanish Health Ministry Releases Daily Coronavirus Figures

Fernando Simon is against mandatory vaccination and requirement of Covid passports
Fernando Simon is against mandatory vaccination and requirement of Covid passports. image: Twitter

The Spanish Ministry of Health has reported 2,987 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, a slight decrease (52) in the figure of 2,935 from yesterday.

The daily number of 2,987 new infections in the last 24 hours are the highest reported since April 23, when there were 4,635.  The total number of infections since the epidemic began now amounts to 342,813, while the tally of deaths linked to COVID-19 grows by 12 deaths, which leaves the total balance of deaths at 28,617.


Madrid continues to be the Spanish region that accounts for the most significant rise in cases that were reported on Thursday evening by the Health Ministry. In total, the country’s regional governments informed the central administration of 2,935 positives detected the day before, which is 1,000 more than the record figure seen since the de-escalation of confinement measures: on August 7, a total of 1,895 new cases were reported. Technical difficulties were blamed for not releasing the figures during the week.

The Spanish Minister for Health, Fernando Simón, said, quote:

“Valencia and Madrid,” are seeing “gentle and progressive” rises. Right now we are doing things well. It is true that it is causing us problems to explain this rises that we are observing. They are real, but at the same time a large part of this rise is also due to a significant rise in our capacity to diagnose [cases].”

He went on to say that Catalonia and Aragón are managing to stabilize infections and are even managing to reduce the number of cases in places that have been hard hit by new contagions, such as Lleida. Simón praised the management of the regions in the fight against the virus. “Aragón and Catalonia have shown that outbreaks can clearly be controlled”.

The Canary Islands reports the highest rise since March

The Canary Islands reported 111 new positives of coronavirus this Friday, 75 of them in Gran Canaria,  most of them are thought to have originated in nightlife, clubs and youth meetings. This is the highest number of positives for the Canary Islands since the peak of the epidemic curve was reached on March 23 to 27, when 108 to 135 daily infections were detected.

New restrictions

New restrictions such as no smoking in public areas and the closure of nightlife bars at 1.00am with the limit on gatherings should go some way in keeping new infections down, hopes the government.




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