Underage and Armed Robber Detained in Spain’s Costa del Sol After Injuring Shopkeeper

SCENE OF CRIME: Firearm left by minor at supermarket Credit: Policia Nacional

Yesterday afternoon, National Police officers arrested a 17-year-old minor of Moroccan nationality in Malaga after he allegedly committed a frustrated robbery in a supermarket in the Teatinos-University district.

The suspect even opened fire during a struggle with an employee of the establishment, who was injured in his side. The events took place this Monday at 7:25 p.m. in a supermarket in the capital. A call to the emergency services alerted the authorities about the robbery. When the officers arrived at the scene, they found a worker with a bloody wound on his side and intervened the pistol which was left by the assailant as he fled from the supermarket.

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As a result of their investigations, the officers located in the alleged perpetrator in the vicinity of the establishment with a head injury which he contracted from his struggle with the victim. This violent struggle is what refrained the robber from successfully stealing from the supermarket. According to witnesses, the aggressor entered the supermarket armed and went directly to a cashier, intimidating her to steal the money. A colleague of the supermarket came to her aid and confronted the aggressor.

During this struggle, the assailant opened fire, injuring an employee in the side. The victim was transferred to a hospital. At the scene of the events, a detonated cartridge and a pistol were intervened, which according to the authorities, turned out to be a blank.


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