Tragedy Strikes as Father in Spain Accidentally Kills Baby Whilst on Holiday

Photo credit: 112 Andalucia

A TRAGIC accident has taken place in the province of Cadiz, Spain, as a family were enjoying their holidays in Conil de la Frontera. An 18-month-old baby was accidentally killed by his own father whilst he drove out of the holiday villa in Conil.

The horrible tragedy took place this Friday in the Roche Viejo area in an urbanisation. The Local Police and emergency health services quickly attended to verify that the incident had taken place in the courtyard of the house. The holidaymakers consisted of two families both with several children who decided to spend a few days vacationing together in Conil.

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The father was in a rush whilst leaving the house and did not see his own son behind the car. The minor was gravely injured after being run over by his own father. His father rushed the child to the nearest hospital and they then transferred the gravely injured baby to the Hospital de Puerto Real. Sadly, the baby could not sustain the injuries and passed away at Puerto Real Hospital.

The Local Police is still investigating the causes and circumstances of this dreadful accident, which the mayor of the town, Juan Manuel Bermúdez, has described as “harsh and tragic.”


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