Residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol Shocked to Discover People Buying €40 Doctors Note to Flout Mask Law


REPORTS are flooding in of British expats being made aware that for a €40 doctor’s note it is possible to flout the mask law.

Doctors’ surgeries are apparently full of ‘mask dodgers’ who have suddenly developed asthma and don’t mind paying the €40 for the prescription, they then go to a chemist and buy the inhaler, around €6 for Ventolin. After that, they can walk freely along the paseo, go into shops, drink at bars and restaurants ‘Mask Free’ – putting us, the general public, at risk.

The Spanish police are unaware at this time about this latest fraud, but hopefully this article will cause them to check further should they observe anyone not wearing a mask. it was a nurse from a local practice that sounded the alarm when she noticed what looked liked perfectly fit youths/teenagers suddenly filling the waiting room. Out they would pop with a prescription for the inhaler, time after time, it’s turning into something of a craze apparently!

Bill Evans, a retired teacher from Wales said: “Ridiculous that is, fools they are if they think they are being clever. Just because they seem to suffer less doesn’t mean its ok to put all of us in danger. They need a good clip round the ****** ear! I’ve heard about these ‘Covid’ parties, they should be arrested for it, that’ll stop em, nut cases!”

Walking down the paseo last night did however show something – only about two-thirds of people were wearing masks, they can’t all be ill!


Tony Winterburn

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  • This is disgusting. These are the same people are the same ones who complain about the situation we are in. And they are helping to spread the virus, while ruining the Spanish economy, because tourists are staying away because coronavirus is spreading out of control. I hope they learn their lesson the hard way.

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