New Scientific Base Researching Whales and Dolphins Set Up in Cadiz Province

Bottlenose dolphin off La Linea beach Credit: Ecolocaliza

THE Department of Tourism in La Linea de la Concepcion has welcomed the commencement of a new organisation in the town, Ecolocaliza which is dedicated to research and conservation of cetaceans.

Its offers include four-hour excursions for dolphin and whale watching across the Bay of Algeciras and the Strait of Gibraltar where guests may help the study work.

The company’s main objective is to research and promote knowledge of these animals, involving the public in their protection and conservation.


The activity is carried out by a group of biologists with experience as guides for whale watching and environmental educators committed to their work.

The first departures will took place on Saturday and Sunday, August 8 and 9, with small groups in order to adapt to the health measures against Covid-19.

To find out more about the scientific aims of this group visit


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