Rare Loggerhead Turtle Lays Eggs on Busy Costa del Sol Beach

Loggerhead Turtle
Removing the eggs to safety Credit: Ana Mula Twitter

ALERT Local Police officers spotted a turtle digging on Los Boliches beach and managed to cordon off the area after the turtle returned to the water.

Fuengirola beach attendants examined the curious mound in the sand and after investigation, having obtained professional advice, discovered that a rare visitor, a Loggerhead Turtle had laid 73 eggs.

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The bulk of the eggs were reportedly moved to a less busy beach with a barrier surrounding the area but 12 have been transferred to Bioparc Fuengirola for safety and once they hatch, the young will be released into the sea.

Mayor Ana Mula was on hand to see the removal of the eggs and tweeted her excitement on this unusual but natural event as very few of this breed of turtle have ever been sighted this far to the south of Spain.


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