Only YES is YES

This year the motto is “only YES is YES”

The Malaga town hall, aware that sexual violence is not an individual but a social issue, have been carrying out campaigns to prevent sexual violence since the summer of 2016 with the message “No es No”.

This year the chosen motto is “Solo Si es Si” or “Only YES is YES” to strengthen the right of women over their own bodies.


The campaign slogan is completed with the word “RESPECT”, inspired by the song “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, as it is a song that in its time became a hymn to feminism.

Due to the cancellation of the Malaga Feria, where this campaign was disseminated with emphasis through the information points, the town hall has designed it in a way with the aim of raising awareness about the freedom of women to decide with whom, where and how to have sexual relations.

The campaign will be developed through digital and paper media, social networks, radio and television. This year as a novelty, masks with the image of the campaign will be distributed and it will have a specific website , where you can view and download a Guide for the Prevention of Sexual Assaults.


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