11 beaches of Orihuela to have Covid-19 cleaning and disinfection carried out by ADIS

cleaning disinfection beaches
DISINFECTION: Beach cleaning and disinfection. CREDIT: Paige Cody/ Unsplash

Cleaning and disinfection are being carried out on the 11 beaches of the Oriolano coast during the busy summer weekends.

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THE Special Employment Centre of ADIS is to carry out the works after a request was made by the Beaches councillor of the Orihuela City Council, Ramón López Cabrera to the Association of People with Functional Diversity chaired by Lourdes Pérez.

Five labourers and two crew chiefs of the Association’s Special Employment Centre are in charge of the clean-up, disinfection and maintenance of the 11 beaches, with morning and afternoon shifts already being utilised.

The influx of summer beach bathers has furthered the need to reinforce these important tasks in order to make sure they are completed satisfactorily to comply with sanitary requirements as a result of Covid-19.

The Association’s Special Employment Centre is continuing to carrying out maintenance tasks for various municipal green spaces within local administrations of the Vega Baja, among other services being carried out.

This service has already been launched and will continue throughout the high season, until September 15, and will result in a cleaner, safer and a higher quality services for visitors to the region.


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