Spain’s Costa del Sol Given ‘Green Light’ to hand out Fines of €600,000 for Serious COVID Flouters!!

You have been warned! Serious fines will handed out to Covid flouters from now on. image: Twitter
The Andalusian Regional Government has given official for Spain’s Costa del Sol approval to fine residents heavily if they are found to have infected others with the coronavirus.
The Junta de Andalusia has agreed on very heavy fines for people who don’t respect social distancing measures put in place to protect people from the spread of the virus.
The Fine structure
Minor infractions such as infecting 15 people with the virus, not wearing a face mask properly or not wearing one at all, start from €100 and go up to €3,000.
The more serious infringements, such as spreading Covid-19 to anywhere between 15 and 100 people or refusing to collaborate with authorities attract fines of between €3,001 and €60,000. For Andalusia residents, that tested positive for Covid-19 and decide to break the two-week self-isolation period, the heavier fines will be applied.
‘Superspreaders’ be warned
So-called ‘Superspreaders’ who infect more than 100 other people with the virus as a result of their negligence, the fines spiral up to anywhere between €60,001 and an eye-watering €600,000!!
“Breaching the health measures is going to cost people dearly,” said Andalusian government spokesperson Elías Bendondo. Nightclubs, supermarkets and shops that exceed the maximum capacity, if proved to cause infections, would also be heavily fined and could be forced to shut for up to five years.
Andalusia’s Health Council will have the final word on the amount to be fined for serious breaches whereas the local police will handle smaller penalties for the more minor offences. These penalties are part of a larger decree which imposes much stricter regulations for businesses and citizens in the region which is home to over 8.4 million inhabitants.
The regional government’s decision is also aimed in particular at young people as it’s been found that 70 per cent of new infections in Andalusia constitute people between the ages of 20 and 55. COVID parties are still being secretly held and as a police spokesman said. “If my officers catch these kids taking part in this ‘Russian Roulette’ game then their feet will not touch the ground I can assure you”!!


  1. Problem Solved! Congratulations for finding the cure for the pandemic. The world owes them a favour. What would we have done without them? So many words come to mind like insanity and seriously dangerous!


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