Spaniards on Spain’s Costa del Sol can’t understand what they have done to upset Britain

A local Spanish taxi driver doesnt understand why the UK has abandoned Spain. image: Twitter

Spanish nationals have always been very welcoming to British Expats, but after the UK government introduced the quarantine law they are wondering what they have done to upset Britain.

An Expat from a local social group told the story of a neighbour, a Spanish taxi driver, who has two children and is struggling to survive. The man just cannot understand why Boris Johnson’s government has enforced the quarantine rules, his lively hood as a taxi driver is at risk now the profitable airport runs have virtually disappeared.

Juan, (not his real name) the taxi driver said: “No-one understands what we in Spain has done to deserve this. After all, we welcomed all the English here years ago, they came on holiday and many came back to live- they love the lifestyle here. But, as soon we need their help, the British government turns it’s back on us. Our government has made all the data available to the UK about outbreaks and the number of cases and it’s still lower than in the UK here- just exactly have we done?”.


Juan’s wife Angela added: “My husband is under so much stress at the moment, sorry if he seems upset but we are financially finished. His job was good until all this happened,- the crisis has ruined everyone’s life I know. He (Juan) now spends most of the day arguing with fellow taxi drivers at Malaga airport over who is at fault- the Spanish government for being quick to act or the UK for being slow to react to the crisis. Every time they all come to the same conclusion and that is the quarantine law in the Uk was a political and not a public health decision. As we in Spain lost 80% of our business so in the UK they gained 80% as holidaymakers stayed at home- forced to “Staycate” as the TV says.”

Juan came back into the conversation and added: “When this is all over things will change, and not for the good- we were always too obliging and helpful to tourists and British residents. We endure bad behaviour, rudeness and even drunkenness- for what!”.

Boris Johnson’s government is closely monitoring the situation regarding the Spanish outbreak in Catalonia Spain especially and has promised to review the quarantine law at the end of this week, which will hopefully be overturned in favour of Spain.



  1. At least he realises it’s not the British People it’s the political decision by Boris who’s now trying to cover his back after totally messing up his control or rather lack of it concerning the covid virus

  2. Boris is up to nasty tricks, and Brexit is at the back of it. Once the UK is no longer an EU member, he thinks he can turn round and say, “!Well. We must have done things right. Look at OUR econbomy campared to yours.” He is deliberately trying to ruin other countries for this reason. Does he REALLY think the British are stypid enough to not realise this? And does he REALLY think that other countries won´t retaliate? He will ruin the UK, and the way things are going, he will empty its population, too. There is already a brain-drain, and there are many thousands moving to Spain to live again.
    The Saniards have done nothing to upset the British people. They all love the Spanish, and Spain itself. Please don´t class us all the same. We hate Boris and his poodles just as much as you do. We will do our best to make it up to you.

  3. We all hope the EWN is happy at the hysteria they created. Clearly, the EWN has been as irresponsible as the rest of the much-criticised slipstream media fop flogging the COVID to the death ~ Literally

    WHAT MAINSTREME AVOIDS PRINTING: The mortality rate for coronavirus is 0.3% ~ 1.5%. (Wall Street Journal based on several studies). Most conclude that five to ten people out of 1,000 dies or 0.5% ~ 1%. IN FACT, the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) has been determined in the US to be 0.26% which is about as much as the flu bug in the late 1950s and 1960s

  4. I don’t think it was just quarantine that persuaded Brits to stay away. Having to wear a face mask in the hot sun all day would put anyone off – that is not a holiday. And that at least was not the UK government’s fault so Spain can take some of the blame for that too, especially as there is zero evidence that it makes any difference. But the blanket non-regional quarantine was just idiotic and the excuses given by ministers in interviews were astonishingly patronising and ignorant.

  5. Hear we go again Boris Bashing. It must be a sad state of affairs if this Taxi driver has to rely on British Tourist alone for a living and from his so called statement in one breath he says they are great then in another criticises them with what appears to be a warning at the end (When this is all over things will change, and not for the good- we were always too obliging and helpful to tourists and British residents. We endure bad behaviour, rudeness and even drunkenness- for what!) FOR HIS LIVELY HOOD THATS WHAT FOR. As for it being political that is a load of rubbish I see some of your readers or the taxi driver has not mentioned a host of other Countries imposing further sanctions on Spain. Denmark, Switzerland Hungary to name a few will they be saying this is political. The British Government are doing what is best for the safety and health of its citizens nothing more, nothing less just like Spain would do. As for him struggling to survive he should look how many Companies, Shops Taxi Drivers etc in the UK are suffering and have laid people of with thousands loosing their jobs so he is not on his own. I feel for him as I do for all the business in every Country that are suffering but do NOT take a poke at our Government because you then take a poke at its citizens. ALL Countries have made mistake as we all have sometime in our lives. Will it stop me coming to Spain NO


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