Armed Man in Hostage Siege Threatens to Blow Up Customers and Bank in Harve France


An armed man is holding customers hostage at a bank in France- police are surrounding the building and special service teams have been called.

An armed man is understood to be holding at least six people hostage at a bank in France, the situation is being described as an “active” robbery and hostage situation in Harve, northern France. Police think the robber experienced problems during the robbery and it ended up as a hostage situation, probably the last thing the thief wanted to happen.

He is said to have stormed the bank on boulevard de Strasbourg shortly before 4.45pm this afternoon and is believed to be a 34-year-old who has a known psychiatric history.


Police are concerned the man holding the people hostage is also armed with explosives, but this has not been confirmed. The road has been locked down and images from social media show police surrounding the area.

This is an on-going situation- please check back later for more information

French bank hostage seige update


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